Make Sense of the Marketplace

Verba Compete tells you how you stack up – and how to stand up – to the online new, used, rental, and digital competition for every book you sell.


Start with a snapshot

Every store has them: books that are priced too high, books that are priced too low, and books that are priced just right. Verba Compete takes the guesswork out of it all, using marketplace data to neatly categorize every book in your catalog so you know which ones to ignore, and which ones need attention.

Accept Some Friendly Advice

Once we know which books need help, Verba Compete makes intelligent price change recommendations based on marketplace pricing, estimated sales, and your cost per title. In the end, you’ll sustain your average margin, while maximizing the number of competitively priced books in your catalog.

Go bargain hunting

Sometimes lowering prices just won’t do it: there’s no way to compete when your cost is $100.00 and the average online price is $5.00. To address these books, Verba Compete includes the most advanced online sourcing functionality on the market. Online sourcing now works for every campus store.

Price Buyback Right

Overpaying for books at buyback is a disservice to both your store and your students: higher store costs at buyback mean higher prices come next rush. Verba Compete captures and displays the online competition's buyback pricing, so you know exactly where you stand. Raise your buyback prices where the online market is strong and lower your prices on others to produce a fair and competitive buyback.


We bit the bullet and finally instituted Compete in full force for our Fall 2012 semester. Now we are realizing double-digit increases in units and dollars over previous years.

Brian Fetterman

Forty-Niner Shops

Long Beach, CA

Thanks to Verba, we increased our buyback quantities by 39% and spent 15% less than last year.

Harry Edwards

Biola University Bookstore

La Mirada, CA

I'm in love with the buyback module! That was the first time in my textbook buying career that (dare I say) I enjoyed pricing my buyback list!

Heather Gillespie

Lewis & Clark Bookstore

Portland, OR


All-In-One Pricing

No setup fees, no one-time charges – the price you see is the price you pay. And all updates and upgrades are rolled out free of charge.

Annual Subscriptions

Verba Compete is offered as an annual subscription. You can use it to compete throughout the year, from buyback, to sourcing, to rush.

Always on-call

We've built our company through client questions and feedback, so bring it on. Rest assured, we'll never charge you for support.

Full-Time Equivalent Verba Compete Only Compare + Compete Package
Up to 1,500 students $100 / month
Paid Annually
$150 / month
Paid Annually
Up to 2,500 students $200 / month
Paid Annually
$300 / month
Paid Annually
Up to 5,000 students $300 / month
Paid Annually
$450 / month
Paid Annually
Up to 12,000 students $400 / month
Paid Annually
$600 / month
Paid Annually
Up to 18,000 students $500 / month
Paid Annually
$750 / month
Paid Annually
Up to 25,000 students $600 / month
Paid Annually
$900 / month
Paid Annually

Try it Now

Want to tinker around with Compete? Contact us for access to the Verba Compete Sandbox. We've selected a sample catalog of a couple hundred titles for you to analyze and explore.

When you sign up for Compete, we'll load it up with your store's titles, so the analytics become focused and personalized. Still, the Sandbox should give you a good idea of what Verba Compete is capable of.


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